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Hello fellow explorers! You might think that you know all about Italy, but you’ll have to think again.

Here are some facts to shock you. Number one is that they don’t really have spaghetti and meatballs. Yes they have spaghetti, yes they have meatballs, but they don’t really combine that together.

Italian food is more than just spaghetti and pizza, there are lots of great cheeses and meats, and wine. Make sure to explore the whole menu. Remember that in regions in Italy, there are different kinds of food. In Sicily the food is different from Venice.


Another shocking thing about Italy is that its people are pretty loud. As you go further down the south they will only get louder and louder. You’ll just have to prepare for loud talking and loud people. They will be in the buses, they will be in the trains. They’re not upset when they talk, that’s just the way they are.

The third thing is that Italians have a different concept of time. A meeting at 1:30 pm usually means 2:00 pm. You’re not really late at anything in Italy, you just show up when you show up. Italians have a very relaxed version of time. If you come on time, no one will be there.