A must try foods in Italy

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Italy is one of the most visited country in the world. Many tourist are visiting italy just to see the views and most specially their foods. There are many Italian foods that you shouldn’t miss tasting because it is worth tasting. Even if there are lots of italian foods spreading all over the world, there is no place to eat an italian foods but in italy.


The first on the list is gelato, I know a lot of you tastes gelato and you could not resist to take more or eat more. Because gelato is a very famous food that many travelers are eating even the other countries are copying gelato but they can’t perfectly copy the original of italy. Pizza is also form italy and they are serving deliciously crispy crusted pizza that you will craved! There are many kinds of pizza that the italy has and it is all delicious. Making a plan to travel other country? STT leading travel services helps you all the way to make your vacation be possible by helping you to process your visa in an easy way. They got the best services and fast transaction for you to make your travel schedule quickly.


Spaghetti or lasgna is also the popular one in italy, because of its creamy and saucy sauce the tourist are getting crazy about that food and it is very satisfying to eat while you are on a very nice spot or place with you partner or you can be alone. And there are many more foods that you should not miss! you can try searching for new ones and be amazed! Find the company like the Dense chunks of this amazing candy are usually establish in coffee bar and candy stores all over Italy.

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