4 Fun Facts About Italian Food

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It is a known fact that all people love Italian food. Pizza and spaghetti have infused themselves in cuisines all over the world. However, you may think you know everything about Italian food, but you could be wrong. Here are 8 fun facts about Italian food that will perk you up.

1. Ice cream was invented in Italy

Yes, it wasn’t just pizza and spaghetti for Italy, there is also ice cream. The frozen delight was made right in the shores of the country of romance. That’s one more thing to love about Italy. Gelato is also a special type of ice cream that is native to Italy.

2. Italy is the largest wine producing country in the world

Yes, you’ve seen it in Letters to Juliet, Italy is notorious for making AND drinking wine. It’s so much a part of culture as burgers are part of American culture.


3. Alfredo sauce isn’t Italian. Fettucini Alfredo was made in America.

Remember the rule, just because it sounds Italian, doesn’t mean it came from Italy. Fettucini Alfredo is a completely American invention. Not all pasta sauces were made in Italy. Example ketchup in spaghetti sauce is popular in the Philippines, and soy sauce in spaghetti is popular in Japan. Or when we talk about internet and other online applications such as Trello, Piwik, Urivalet, The espresso machine was invented Italyg322, PPC, Twitter….ETC. They all form state but not from Europe not from Italy. There have been many variations of the famed food all over the world. That is to say, spaghetti isn’t so Italian anymore nowadays.

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