Rome Tour

Rome was founded in 753 BC by its first king, Romulus. Hence the name. It became a rich and powerful city in the next following years. And man the streets are tight in Rome.

The Romans built such a humongous empire that they began to conquer neighboring lands. This is all in large part to their powerful army. The Roman army were known to be capable of marching 40km a day.


To bring water to the city of Rome, the Romans built what is called aqueducts. This is a system of channels and bridges to transport water for public baths and toilets. Isn’t that amazing? For what was such an ancient city, they were way ahead of the times.

One of the most popular buildings in Rome that is a remnant of the past is the Colosseum. It’s a humongous ampitheatre at the center of Rome.

In this ampitheatre it is said that over 500,000 people were died, and a million wild animals were killed in the battles.

Did you know that the roman emperor Julius Caesar was the one who introduced the 12 month calendar? Yes, thank God for the Romans.