Venice Tour

In case you needed some more reminding, let me remind you, Venice is amazing. To convince you even more, here are 4 amazing facts about the city of canals.

Venice is made up of 118 small islands connected by bridges. When you have a city with streets made up of water, the ambulances is a boat. It’s a little insane, right? When you think of Venice, you immediately think Gondolas.


In 2010, years after the invention of gondola, the first female gondola came about. She told the men that doubted her that giving birth to two children was way harder than pulling a long boat in the water.

Napoleon conquered Venice in May 1797 and exactly five months later he gave Venice to Austria in a treaty. However, it was taken back by Napoleon 7 years later, and Austria got it back 9 years later. That means people from Venice would suddenly wake up French and then Austrian the next.

There’s always something around the corner of Venice that fascinates and delights.